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Dental treatments


In our dental office only digital X-ray diagnostic system is used.

Therefore, our patients are exposed to radiation in the smallest measure possible only and the pictures can be seen on the monitor of the computer within seconds.

OPT picture

Intraoral X-ray

Oral hygiene:

Conserviative dental medicine:

Dental prostheses:

1. Fixed dental prosthesis, on the own teeth of the patient or implants

  • gold or ceramic inlay / on own teeth
  • metalloceramic, gold or ceramic crown
  • full ceramic crowns, facets (press and zirconium crowns)
    A nice smile has always positive influence on other people. A revolutionary new technology of the contemporary aesthetic dentistry is the so-called zirconium crown.

Zirconium bridge

As compared to traditional crowns, zirconium crown has several advantageous features:
-more precise and aesthetic
-anti-allergenic (no metal content)
-longer useful life
-natural look

To restore minor changes of teeth (in form or color), ceramic shells (veneers) are used.
The advantage is that the precious dental material must not removed, only the dental surface has to be treated.

Porcelain shells, veneers'


Teeth covered by porcelain shells in the mouth


Teeth prepared for porcelain shells and crowns


Photo of the upper teeth after insertion of shells and crowns


2. Removable dental prosthesis, on own teeth of the patient or implants

  • full dental prosthesis / in case of need, stability of the prosthesis can be improved with implants
  • simple, partial dental prosthesis

3. Combined dental prosthesis

  • The connection between the fixed and removable parts is established by a fixing element provided with slide or press-button precision mechanism

Oral surgical interventions:

Dental implantology is a modern method of dental prosthetics. An artificial titanium root will be implanted into the place of the missing tooth. Insertion of a titanium implant reduces paradentosis, thus, this intervention should be performed as soon as possible after the loss of tooth. Together with the insertion of implant, dental prosthesis can often be delivered also. In our clinic we ensure an individually tailored assessment of condition which is free of charge.

















Dental prostheses with implants

- fixed dental prosthesis instead of removable dental prosthesis

- implants are perfectly suitable to support removable dental prosthesis



- in case of a missing tooth, sole crowns can be made with the help of implants




- a full fixed dental prosthesis can also be prepared with the help of implants, for that 6 roots have to implanted into the upper jaw-bone and 7-8 roots into the lower one



The All-on-4 treatment concept was developed to provide edentulous patients with an efficient and effective restoration using only four implants to support an immediately loaded fullarch prosthesis.



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